Social Responsibility

Our company since 2002, due to its strong sense of social responsibility, it has established a whole philosophy around issues concerning both the environment and the society. Specifically, Deli Creta acts on a daily basis towards:

  • Ecological awareness and sensitivity that characterizes its design and operation, according to environmentally friendly principles and rules.
  • Social sensitivity and thus it supports charities and organizations within and outside city of Chania, having as target to make children and elderly people happy.

Deli Creta contributes to the environmental protection actively, and for that reason cooperates with the Non-Profit Organization “Rewarding Recycling”, the only one approved by the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change. Specifically, through this cooperation get achieved the proper organization and promotion of recycling for food packages throughtout the country, and meanwhile…

  • The environment get protected.
  • The purchasing capability of citizens get empowered.
  • The development perspective get widened.
  • Our lives get improved.

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