Raw materials

A smooth cheese, unformatted, with creamy texture, made from sheep and goat milk. Very tasty, which is eaten as appetizer, within salads or with the famous Cretan Salad (Dakos).  In Deli Creta, we use it in traditional Kalitsounia Pies, in Sfakian Pies, in Cretan Recipe “Boureki” and certainly in Cretan Meatcake. (It is a P.D.O. product).

A cheese made from the remainder (humus) of other cheeses (e.g. Graviera Cheese), in which 10% to 20% milk is added. Anthotiros Cheese gets into molds in order to drain. Fresh Anthotyros as a soft cheese, has high concentration in moisture and thus low fats, without compromising taste.

A smooth cheese that is made just like Graviera Cheese, but in the area of Chania tend to use it with all the moisture before ripening. So called as Tyromalama.


Olive oil is the greatest secret of Cretan diet and longevity. It lowers cholesterol, has an antioxidant act, protects against cancer, helps liver function, is ideal for people with diabetes and it has many more uses! Quality of Cretan olive oil is well-known all over the world. It is a natural product that comes from a simple crush of olives, without extracts and admixtures. It is the best, the lightest and the most delicious oil in the world. A product that is grown with care and get packaged from companies that show respect to both the product and the consumer. Deli Creta makes an exclusive use in all of its products.

Σάλτσα ντομάτας

Pureed tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, oregano, salt, pepper, few sugar and fresh herbs. All combined appropriately for an excellent tomato sauce, as only Deli Creta knows how to create.

Φρέσκα μυρωδικά

Dill, fennel, mint, parsley and onion are the ingredients that fill smells and tastes our products. All picked freshly before the production.